Our Business

As the leading home appliances provider in Europe, Beko Europe will be a force for progress and growth at the heart of Europe. A responsible partner to the industry, regulators and, most importantly, consumers, we seek to raise standards, address productivity needs and drive innovation, in the service of both planet and people.

We are working for a more competitive and sustainable future through our superior innovation, our skilled team and our extensive, responsible production power.

Beko Europe will offer European consumers a wider range of high-quality, sustainable home appliances. By listening and understanding our customers’ and consumers’ changing needs market-by-market, we can power the European household appliance industry forward to a brighter future.

Our Vision

The European home appliances industry requires a pioneer with a vision to transform it. Today, that pioneer to a greener and more sustainable future is born.

Our ambition, as Beko Europe, is to establish sustainable living in every home in Europe.

69 Subsidiaries
11 Manufacturing Bases
16 Brands (owned or used with a limited licence)
6 R&D Centers
20000 Employees